1. Meet campus needs

    The app must meet known needs of broad campus-wide audiences. If it is intended for very specific audiences (such as a class, department, or school), we advise departments and schools to set up their own App Stores. If you need assistance in doing this, please feel free to contact us at mobileuw@uw.edu.
  2. Sponsorship & support

    The app must have a clearly identified:
    • Official sponsor affiliated with the UW (UWNetID, contact info)
    • Maintainer/publisher (single contact) (name, contact info)
    • Support Channel (contact info)
  3. UW policy links

    The app must link to the UW Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  4. Usability Review

    All apps submitted for publication will be reviewed for usability. Feedback will be given and all critical issues will need to be addressed before publication to the app store. It is strongly advised to consult with Academic and Collaborative Applications User Experience Team early and often through the development of your app, to ensure that there are no surprises.
  5. Accessibility Review

    It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure accessibility of the app.
  6. UW brand alignment

    Using the UW logo? If so, review the UW Brand Guidelines for appropriate use guidelines.