Things to consider

Mobile web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

Before deciding what to build, understand your options. Mobile web is the most versatile and easiest to maintain, but can be limiting if you need robust device integration.

Build vs. Buy

Existing products may already solve the problems that concern your users. They might not be a perfect fit, but could provide real benefit far more quickly.

True Cost

Offering a software solution is never without cost. Understand the real costs for ongoing development, maintenance, support, and communication.

Create a successful product

Solve the Right Problems, for Real Users

Understand and prioritize your user population(s), their needs, and their goals for your software.

Aim for Simplicity

What’s the simplest solution that will provide real benefit to your users?

Continuous Improvement

Build a solid foundation, put it in front of users, and then optimize through iteration.

Development Concerns

So Many Options

Choosing the technology upon which to build is a huge step. Understand your various options.

Frameworks and Toolkits

Let others do some of the heavy lifting with your technology stack.

Performance Tuning

Performance is a primary concern for good user experience. Optimize your applications.

Publishing Native Apps